Sunday, June 18, 2006


i'm so tired from all the travelling this weekend that i've just turned into a grouchy old hag! am so not impressed with myself today. don't ask.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my football outing went pfft!

the SO made the announcement before dinner that he was going to indulge in the nationwide craze that has kept many a Malaysian late for work, school or, worse, faking mc's all for the fever that is the world cup! so there i was, actually excited with the notion and volunteered to join him. he said he wanted to catch the 3:00 a.m. brazil match.

and now i'm sitting in front of my puter, hearing the clock tick above me. it now says 2:47. the game will start in 13 minutes and the SO is somewhere deeeeep in slumberland and, it's just a hunch, but i don't think i'm going to see that game. sigh.

and i had plan b in place earlier with some other earnest musos who have been enriching the mamak industry since the world cup started until i had a mini "non" crisis [thank God] with my phone and my pc. long story but suffice to say it's all okay now.

oh well... there's still that gel pack in the fridge waiting for me to brave the freezing temperatures in the bedroom right now. will i or won't i? tune in tomorrow and find out in the continuing saga that is... my life.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

what a productive day i had today. got up early enough to go to the wet market then headed home and whipped up a storm in the kitchen. am quite pleased with myself. i made two serani curries [devil curry & timun curry] that'd win me mega brownie points with the SO [significant other - aka David] and a trophy with the MIL [mom-in-law]!

now if i can only eat what i made. i'm soooooo tired that all i wanna do is lay back with about 4 pillows to prop my feet up on and a nice and cool gel pack over my weary face...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


one button. one finger. that's all it takes to scroo up a would've-been-post. and i haven't had so much inspiration in a looong time. so am i crying? yes, you bet i am! maybe i'm being punished for not waking up early enough to go to tsurdz.......

oh well.... until the next flash of inspiration comes then...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

top ten reasons i haven't blogged:

1. i'm too busy
2. i'm too tired
3. i'm too lame
4. i'm too blind [misplaced my reading glasses and can't see a blooming thing on this 17" screen]
5. i'm too busy
6. i'm too tired
7. i'm too lame
8. i'm too blind [cos too tired to look for reading glasses]
9. i'm too ti-yaaawnnnn-red
10. i'm too *&%#$@&** beeeezeeeeeeeeeee i've become so lame beyond description

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything on this space for like forever... did i mention i've been busy? and tired? and blind? and doesn't this just show you how lame i've become???

if anything, i've been doing y'all a great big favour by saving you from this temporary lameness. gee, i so hope it's temporary :(