Friday, June 22, 2007

Giant's Day Out

How many of you have visited Giant Supermarket of late? They're having the Senyum dan Menang contest. I wonder what it's about cos each and everytime I go [and I go at least 3 to 4 times a week], nobody ever smiles at me. I smile at them but they no smile back!

Then I've noticed that there's a survey-type thingy printed at the back of the receipt with checkboxes where shoppers are supposed to tick Yes or No to some items like: did the cashier greet you? did he/she smile at you? was he/she efficient in handing back the change? did he/she say goodbye, see you again soon when you were leaving? Of course my answer to all that is a resounding NO! Then, they ask you to write down the name of the cashier and some staff number or whatever but how da heck to do that when they don't have name tags? They have ID's but, for some odd reason, they are all turned back-to-front!

What's the point????

Thursday, June 07, 2007


upon our arrival at Miri International Airport, the posing began...

in search of our luggage and the loo [not necessarily in that order]

... and eddie smiling with relief after the loo :)

and at night:

just before we came on... one for the album!

and then another...

just one more... notice how uncomfortable thomas & charles look?
hmm... i must've landed on some not so comfortable spot when i
plonked myself down. :( sorry dudes!

this is the aftermath of the first night when, having
warmed-up nice & proper at the Pavilion, the musos
were hungry for more music and thus, we ended up
till the weeeeeeee hours of the morning at the hotel
lounge. you may not know it but there were a total of 8
horn players on that stage when i took this pic! the 2
trumpet players are behind the 2 members of DDBB on

and this, my friends... is a classic shot by a person whose
alcohol levels were enough to fly a jet to Kuching from Miri.


you can really tell by the pictures who the real posers are!

ET [ace trumpeter of DDBB] & me...

the posing just never ended... JC; DG; Yu Puay [Jun Lin's
sidekick]; moi & Aline [our Liaison Officer for the festival]

David & 2 Goliaths :)
...actually there are 2 David's here, Gomes and right smack
in the middle, David Blenkhorn [amazing guitarist who
could play any song i called in any key! well... almost :p]
and that's DDBB's Kevin on the right...

i've heaploads more but methinks i'll put 'em in a photo
album somewhere in cyberspace and leave it at that. yawn!!