Monday, November 21, 2005

Jazzmamma mia!



married to:

mother to:

RYAN & PAOLO (he he he)

Jazz vocalist by profession, writer by inclination, homemaker by obligation, multi-tasker by....... self-infliction.

Accomplishments include:

...a 16-yr marriage that has been joyfull & blissful, for the most part (hey, most marriages these days don't even make it past the 'please-remember-to- put-the-toilet-seat-down-and-cap-the-toothpaste -back-when- you're-done- dear' stage!)
...a respectable career as a jazz vocalist (okay, so i ain't been labelled a diva but at least i sing real jazz... wraaawr!);
...performing, producing & co-directing musical projects with husband, David and some others...; least one album credit to date;

...dabbling in a little bit of theatre with the infamous indian cafe theatre company (down to 2 indians at the last count; 3 if you include susie);
...keeping a fairly decent bod in spite of bearing 5 kids;
...staying out of any major trouble in the last 45 years (phew!)

Other things I'd still like to accomplish:

...early retirement so i can spend more quality time with my children :-);

...produce & release more albums & more shows; with my children when i retire :-];

...maybe write a book, write more songs for more albums;

....did i mention early retirement for my children's sake??

...write at least one musical... for children? :-/

ok... when i finally retire... i'd really like to visit places like, Jerusalem, the Himalayas, Angkor Wat, Sistine Chapel... Taj Mahal... Kuala Terengganu... and all those places that I've read about... or heard of... or ever only seen in pictures!

but only if my children haven't committed me to an old folks' home by then :-0


Min said...


...early retirement so i can spend more quality time with my children :-);

...produce & release more albums & more shows;

How to have early retirement when you want to produce and release more albums? Working retirement ah? Sorry, I'll leave the comedy to you.

patrickteoh said...

Hi Junji, welcome to the blogging community. I think you should post a large NON HALAL sign up:-) Great looking roast pig though. Can almost taste it.

Homemaker by obligation? Hmmmm...

I personally am looking forward to your next album and also your children's musical.

For those visiting this blog who don't know Junji let me just say that Junji is a wonderfully talented jazz singer, a very underrated but hilariously funny comedienne, a potentially awsome writer and an all round generous, loving human being.

Hailm Junji!

Jazzmamma said...

why, thank you mr. t! i'm touched.

*Homemaker by obligation? Hmmmm...*

ya what? i have an obligation to look after my home and all that live therein. that obligation stems from the fact that i care for them all and love them.

Julian Chan said...


Jazzmamma said...


Edwin Sumun said...

Give me the babs baby!

Ok, you guys are in Miri, Old Man Pat is doing Shakessspeare, I just buka my own blog and tomorrow I have to be nice to some people who are using underpriviledged children to run up some publicity for their hotel.

Thank God your kids have parents who love them.

Where's that bottle of brown liquid?

Jazzmamma said...

brown liquid is in transit... didn't fall off the back of the lorry yet...

Shan said...

Hi Junji - I saw you perform with Instant Cafe in Kota Kinabalu a couple of months ago. Caught both performances and had a great time considering it was the first time I'd been to an ICT show.
Happy blogging captain.

V said...

ah yes. yes. yes.

good heavens above, just what i needed.

C-Fu said...

Whereabouts can I listen to some live jazz in KL? Hellllllllllllp a kid trying to love jazz here plzkthx

Jazzmamma said...

a kid??? who you kidding? he he.

anyway, if it were open, i'd suggest you check out no black tie but.. they've temporarily shut down operations till they sort out their entertainment license. DBKL hurry!!!

meanwhile, there's friday night jazz at sunway hotel's avanti restaurant.

Jazzmamma said...

and... watch this blog for something exciting coming your way in march!