Tuesday, June 06, 2006

top ten reasons i haven't blogged:

1. i'm too busy
2. i'm too tired
3. i'm too lame
4. i'm too blind [misplaced my reading glasses and can't see a blooming thing on this 17" screen]
5. i'm too busy
6. i'm too tired
7. i'm too lame
8. i'm too blind [cos too tired to look for reading glasses]
9. i'm too ti-yaaawnnnn-red
10. i'm too *&%#$@&** beeeezeeeeeeeeeee i've become so lame beyond description

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything on this space for like forever... did i mention i've been busy? and tired? and blind? and doesn't this just show you how lame i've become???

if anything, i've been doing y'all a great big favour by saving you from this temporary lameness. gee, i so hope it's temporary :(


Julian Chan said...

Love those glasses..

You DO look like... emmm..

Looks like an episode of THE RING.. or one of those Jap/Korean scary ghost stories! Hahahah..

Edwin Sumun said...

Wow Joonj! Finally...your hair looks great!

Jazzmamma said...

kan? from jazzmamma to jazzmamak and then to jazztianak! mwahahah.

actually it's alice cooper having a bad hair day!