Saturday, March 25, 2006

High on Jazz

what a fantastic response we had to the first weekend run at The Top Room! we had a roomful of jazz lovers hungry for good music. and good music they got. along with a distracting rowdiness from one group celebrating a birthday. but thank god they decided to move on elsewhere before the second set took off.

mike veerapen turned up just in time and , along with julian chan, let off some M steam for much of the second set. well-known vocalist francissca peter also came to check out the new room and graciously took to the mic for two tunes with david gomes & his trio. it was a fab set with these cats turning up to jam!

if this first night is anything to go by, me thinks The Top Room has a bright future ahead. sure, there were hitches along the way, like orders taking forever to be served, etc., but these are just teething problems that are easily rectified. the most important factors are well in place... warm & cozy [read: unpretentious] ambience, uncontrived music played from the heart and passionate people running the operation. plus, its got its own carpark right within its grounds. what more can we ask for?

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