Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jazz is Tops!

Well, well, well... The Top Room @ Top Hat is here and if you guys are serious about jazz then this is the place to be.

Launched on Monday, the 20th of March The Top Room is all set to swing the socks off o' any jazz kaki!

We had a fabulous night complete with a 6-piece band led by my main squeeze, David Gomes, and a couple of great talents who popped by to lend their support. Thanks once again Steve, John & Joe for making time that rainy Monday night. The rest of the musos sent their best wishes... Mike V {busy with M}, Farid Ali {rehearsing for Tuesday's concert}, Greg Lyons {who left on the same day for the UK leg of his tour}, Zahid {who was shooting something somewhere}. etc... etc...

It was also nice to see friends, both old and new, coming to wish the place well and giving us their blessings. I haven't got time to say much right now... so I'll let the photos do the talking. Can you people tell me where you find the time to post?!]

Hang on... before I go... do come this Friday & Saturday when we kick off with the first round of weekend performances. I'm doing both nights with The David Gomes Jazz Trio. A bit of inside information... a good number of musos have indicated that they will come by for a jam so, if I were you, I wouldn't miss that one!

Oh, and check out the video clip taken during the launch set when that wonderful young saxophonist, Julian Chan, saboe'd me on How High The Moon. Most definitely one for the archives! Log on to

It's okay Jules, I've forgiven and forgotten [but only cause I suffer from short-term memory loss, remember?]


mayakins said...

Hi Junj! Mon here, had a great night! Never enjoyed jazz so much. You guys are infectious. Check out my review of toproom on my blog and also my other blog See you soon jazz mamma!

Jazzmamma said...

thank you monmon. was nice to see you and your friend shamila [did i spell it right?]

azlan, you missed out!!!