Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm a Dory, what are you?

If you were to pick a cartoon character that you most identify with, who would it be? I can so relate with... [or is it to?] oh, never mind! Mine's the unforgettably forgetful Dory from Finding Nemo. She's absolutely, adorably hilarious! I feel her so much. Prob'ly cause, like her, I ... what was I saying again??? Dory? Dory who?? You know my mom's name is Dory? And I'm my mom's Jr, which makes me Dory, Jr! And that's how my dad justified calling me Junji, a Japanese man's name, [for those of you who haven't read my first post]. It's my nickname for Jr. Now you know.

See? I even sound like Dory! That wasn't intentional by the way. Sometimes I'd get into arguments with my kids about things they claim they told me which I have no recollection of, or I could be talking to someone on the phone and then suddenly I'd go, "what was I saying again?!" And I won't even try to repeat some of the conversations I've had with my husband. Between us two, we've forgotten to fetch our daughter, Joelle, from primary one at least twice!!! Better still, we go through the names of all five kids before we hit the right name!

I think, like Dory, I suffer from short term memory loss. The ram in my brain's just maxed out and it needs an upgrade! Either that or I need to defrag my brain. I can remember stuff from long time ago though. I find nowadays that certain names & faces from my past just pop into my head as if it were yesterday. I find it really strange. Of course the other logical explanation is age. Too much of it. Sigh.

Anyway, I haven't watched Dory in a while. Nemo was one of Aaron's favourites and he must've seen it, at least, 80 times! Which is also why it probably won't work anymore. It was a really sad day for both of us when the dvd finally gave up :(

And, if truth be told, I think Aaron got over it faster than I did!

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