Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey, hey, hey! Been having a really fabulous time getting acquainted with this mean machine. I feel like Eve when she first bit into that apple. Suddenly her eyes were open and she could see! All those years of suffering with a pc. Till today, I only ever know the basics. I never went beyond word, excel & powerpoint. Oh, and solitaire, hearts and mahjong.

I was thrilled to bits when i discovered that there was a sudoku freeware on mac widgets. Habis aku! I'll have a hard time now finishing my work on the computer. I can just hear that tiny li'l japanese voice going... "pray with me, come, pray with me." i know, i know. sudoku was invented by an american. i couldn't resist. anyway, work i must. and all for a worthy reason...

next weekend, on the 12th of March, a new jazz venue will be unfolding in the golden triangle. it's in the lovely colonial enclave of the Top Hat Restaurant along Jalan Kia Peng. It's a project that has taken 2 years to materialise and it's finally happening! And fast too. While it took the owners about a year plus just to secure an entertainment license, the renovations are taking about the same time it took for Jesus to create the world. 6 days. On the 7th day we parteeeee!!! Okay. Please do not take this the wrong way like those people took the Danish flers to task. Is a figure of speech. I love Jesus and the actual length of time he did take to create the entire universe is debatable to many but I just love Him for creating everything that He did.

Back on track. Jazz has found a new home and I hope you guys will come and check it out. And check it out again. And again. And again. Just like those flers in that place where everybody knows your name.


Sudoku said...

Hi, Here is a good online sudoku site :
Nice game

Min said...

Googled and found this!

I'm finding out now how to play. Am I entering dangerous territory. Will I be seeking out SA (Sudoku Anonymous) soon?